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Are Eye Products Bad for Your Eyes?

By • Jan 31st, 2015 • Category: General Eye Health

Eye drops, mascara, and permanent make-up tattoos are incredibly popular and useful for millions of people. They save time, boost your appearance, and can help your eyes feel more comfortable. However, as with any beauty products, there are good and bad uses for eye products.

Eye Drops

Products like Visine are commonly used as restorative or hydrating drops, but the medicine included in the product is intended as a redness-reducing application and a decongestant by reducing swelling in blood vessels. You should only use eye drop products as directed by your doctor, even if they’re over the counter. Overuse or abuse of eye drops can lead to excessive reddening, tearing, blurred vision, or stinging of the eye and other side effects due to allergic reactions. As with any medication, you should use eye drops as directed and contact your eye doctor if you suffer from any side effects as a result of using an eye drop product.


Scratched corneas, conjunctivitis, and allergic reactions can occur as a result of using eye makeup. You can prevent bacterial growth or contamination of makeup that could lead to conjunctivitis or allergic reactions by properly sealing your mascara, never sharing it with anyone, and replacing your makeup after an eye infection. Of course, preventing scratched corneas comes with a careful, practiced application in a stable environment (a moving vehicle doesn’t count).

Permanent Makeup Tattoos

The health risks associated with these beauty solutions are the same that come with any tattoos: MRI complications, allergic reactions, infections, and undesirable outcomes are all possible depending on your tattoo artist. If permanent makeup is something you’re looking into, take a lot of time to research their history, experience, and references. Remember too that cosmetic tendencies and popular styles change. Just because you want a permanent look today doesn’t mean it’ll suit your look 10-20 years from now.

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