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  • "I highly recommend Sound Eye & Laser, Dr. Phillips and the entire staff!"
  • "This was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, and I am so, so happy with the results."
  • The surgery was painless and quick... I walked out of my two month follow-up with 20/20 vision. It has been 30+ years since I could see anywhere near this well without some kind of lens.

    - Robert

  • "The results I got were fantastic!! The day after I had the procedure done, my vision was corrected to 20/15. It has held steady since. I highly recommend Sound Eye & Laser! They deliver results!"

To see if you are a candidate for Laser Vision Correction, you may schedule a free consultation with Dr. Phillips by calling 206.622.2020.

The consultation includes all of the measurements for surgery and a complete eye exam with dilation.

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Patient Testimonials

Read what these patients had to say about their experience with LASIK vision correction at Sound Eye and Laser in Seattle, Washington.

“I had my LASIK surgery done there. I had a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end. The staff was nice and friendly and completely put me at ease. Which is helpful because nothing prepares you for the experience. The aftercare was marvelous. I am referring all my friends.”

Lori, Seattle,  2012


“Absolutely brilliant. I’ve needed corrective vision for over 20 years and made the decision for Lasik. I’m not from the Seattle area, but was referred to Sound Eye and Laser by my optometrist – I’m glad he did. Had Lasik about four months ago and everything is fantastic. I highly recommend Sound Eye and Laser, Dr. Phillips and the entire staff.”

Tyler, Yakima,  2012


“Everything went smoothly. Recovery was quick and relatively painless. Things are now bright & clear. Goodbye to contacts! I highly recommend Dr. Phillips and his team.”

Ann, Attorney

The best decision I ever made was to have Lasik eye surgery and have it performed by Dr. Stephen Phillips at Sound Eye and Laser in Seattle. I choose Sound Eye and Laser because of Dr. Phillips’ expertise and experience. I was a near-sighted outdoor enthusiast and was always troubled by needing prescription sunglasses in order to see well when I was doing outdoor activities. These sunglasses were not made for sports so I was relegated to wearing regular sunglasses, which compromised my vision. I decided to go in for an evaluation to find out if I was a Lasik candidate and was told about mono-vision surgery, which I elected to do. I have better than 20/20 vision and it’s been 10 months since my surgery. I received excellent pre-, post- and follow up care by Dr. Phillip Lo and he did whatever was necessary to ensure that I made the right decision and never pressured me. I enjoy perfect vision without the aid of glasses and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.


It is so wonderful to be out playing golf, have a rain storm appear, and not have to mess with glasses. I am amazed each morning when I wake up to 20/20 vision, and I look forward to skiing this winter without the use of contacts or glasses.Thanks for improving the quality of my life.

Dan, Banker

“Having a LASIK was the most miraculous experience I’ve ever had as a patient. I noticed my vision improving instantly with every pulse of the laser. Even though I am a physician, I am somewhat squeamish when it comes to my eyes. Dr. Phillips and his staff were very kind and comforting during the procedure. Every aspect of my care, from the pre-operative evaluation, to the surgery, to the post-operative care was competent and professional. I had my LASIK done six years ago and my vision is 20/20 on my own office eye chart in both eyes this morning.”

Daniel, MD

“LASIK has made a huge improvement in my life. Swimming and skiing are no longer encumbered by discomfort and all that extra apparatus. I am able to now work my 24 hour shifts, at least without  visual discomfort. … I chose Dr. Stephen Phillips because of his intelligence, experience and work ethic. I knew his judgment would be cautious and his recommendations conservative. In the event of a complication, I trusted I would receive excellent attention and compassionate care. The process proved to be so smooth that I have almost forgotten my 49 years with with glasses.”


Anna, MD

 “Dr Phillips has been my eye doctor for a number of years and I have always been happy with his service and expertise. But it wasn’t until I decided to have LASIK eye surgery with another provider and had some complications that I realized what an incredible doctor he really is. After I had recovered from the corrective surgery I elected to have Dr. Phillips perform a LASIK surgery on both eyes. I paid for this surgery and it went very well. That was several years ago and I just had a FREE enhancement, on my right eye at the end of October 2009.  I could not be happier with Dr. Phillips skill, knowledge and the way he cares for me as a patient. I would recommend him to anyone I know.”


 “I have enjoyed eagle eye vision (20/15 composite) with my LASIK correction since July 2000. Dr. Phillips patient and skilled expertise has exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful for his excellent efforts on my behalf, and would give my qualified recommendation and endorsement to anyone considering this procedure.”

Pablo, Psychiatrist

“Dr. Phillips did my LASIK surgery on both eyes about 2 years ago, and I’ve never regretted it. My vision is great. I love the little things like being able to put sunglasses on and off without having to fumble between glasses and prescription sunglasses. No more fogging glasses when skiing. I was back to operating within a week with clear vision. Dr. Phillips did a great job for me.”

Joel, M.D.

“It has been the best decision I’ve ever made. No more contacts or glasses! From pre-op to post-op, the care at Sound Eye and Laser is first class.”

Scott, Seattle Grocery Store Owner

“Finally, I can see clearly like other people without the constant worry of loosing my contacts or needing eye drops and messy solutions. I am <thrilled with the outcome and only regret waiting so long to do it.”

Patricia, Hair Stylist

“I had total trust and faith in Doctor Phillips. He had earned that from me over the years. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and have never regretted my decision.”

Judy, Printcom, Inc